Criminal intake sheet

criminal activity at location, ... Please read the entire page before completing this form and see reverse side for information ... Sheriff Arrest Process Intake

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Witness Statement Form A Witness Statement is a document written by any person who was physically present during an incident who can recall important details and facts. During investigations Witness Statements provide raw information to our skilled Private Investigators to strategically create timelines and establish important case breaking facts. This information is updated every 60 minutes. When an individual's information is entered into the Pinal County Inmate data base, the information will be updated to this listing during the next regularly scheduled update. When an individual is released from jail, they will no longer appear in these listings. The court will provide a Uniform Defendant Intake, or "5A Form," which is the application for representation by a public defender. This form asks for information about a defendant's residence, criminal history, employment history and financial status. The information provided by this search tool is not intended for official law enforcement or criminal justice use. Do NOT take any official action based on this data without first contacting the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office booking desk at 719-390-2151. CLIENT INTAKE FORM This questionnaire is comprised of various sections that may or may not be applicable to your situation. If you are contacting our office in relation to a special education matter, please complete the following and return via fax to the Law Offices of Angela L. Gilmartin.

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