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ABC Grandstand cricket interviews. ... England spinner Graeme Swann told the BBC's Mark Poutgatch the tourists are in the box seat heading into the final day of the second Ashes Test at Adelaide ...

Off spinners are right-handed spin bowlers who use their fingers to spin the ball from a right-handed batsman 's off side to the leg side (that is, towards the right-handed batsman, or away from a left-handed batsman). This contrasts with leg spin, in which the ball spins from leg to off and which is bowled with a very different action.

Leg spin is a type of spin bowling in cricket. A leg spinner, also called leggie, bowls right-arm with a wrist spin action, causing the ball to spin from right to left in the cricket pitch when the ball bounces, that is, away from the leg side of a right-handed batsman. Off-break and off-spin are two bowling styles that are used to deliver the ball in cricket. The terms refer to the trajectory of the ball during delivery by bowlers. The bowler that specializes in this kind of delivery is referred to as spin bowler of an off-spinner.

Adil Rashid is included in England's squad for the first Test against India, despite the leg-spinner saying he wants to concentrate on limited-overs cricket. Cricket News / BBC Sport