Cutting sheet acrylic

Plastic for private use and businesses Find everything you need in plastic here. We are the leader in plastic sheets, corrugated sheets, trapezoidal profiled sheets, plastic pipes and much more. Choose a category above and you will see our incredible selection of plastic productions in many variations.

We provide you many options available from clear to colored acrylic sheets. Other than that, we provide you some services as below: - Full sheets - Ship Full Sheets - Acrylic sheets cut to size - Engraving - Fabrication - Cut Shapes, Laser, and CNC Router service - Others We provide acrylic sheets different colors, sizes, and thickness options.

Mar 29, 2019 · To cut acrylic sheets, start by marking the line you want to cut using a ruler and a permanent marker. Then, score the line using a plastic scoring blade, using the ruler as a guide so your line is straight. Once you've scored the initial line, go over it a few times with the blade until a groove forms. Perspex Available in Perth Acrylic Products. Productive Plastics is one of Perth's leading plastic fabrication companies and has been established in the plastics industry since 1997 offering CNC machining, laser cutting, diamond edge polishing, bending, gluing, welding and much more. Tailor your corrugated plastic cutting tools to the specific thickness of corrugated plastic you’re cutting. This material is difficult to cut and quickly dulls metal blades, especially when cutting across the grain, which is one of the advantages of using Slice tools with our engineered ceramic blades to cut this material. Acrylic Cracked Ice Prismatic Styrene Polycarbonate Eggcrate Parabolic Paracube MIRROR Acrylic Polycarbonate NYLON Natural Black MOS2 TWIN / TRIPLE-WALL SHEET PETG Clear PHENOLIC Paper Cotton Glass POLYCARBONATE Colorless Colors: Black, Bronze, Gray, White Abrasion Resistant AR2 Two-sided Film Gloss, Velvet/Matte Reel Stock Clear, White HDPE Plastic | Cutting Board and HDPE Sheet, Rod, and Tube High Density Polyethylene provided by Interstate Plastics: A high impact strength and low coefficient of friction plastic with excellent chemical and weather resistance.

This premium Plastic Paper™ is waterproof, tear resistant and solvent free. This paper stock has superior imaging quality and is also easy to die cut, score or perforate. Choose from 4 different cut sheet sizes, 3 pack sizes and 3 thicknesses of Plastic Paper™. EASY FABRICATIONAcrycast can be saw cut, drilled, routed, machined, solvent cemented, polished and strip bent using conventional acrylic sheet fabrication techniques. THERMO FORMABLEAn excellent thermoplastic, Acrycast may be thermoformed. Because Acrycast is a cell cast sheet, it is not subject to the excessive shrinkage that is encountered in