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Glass coloring and color marking may be obtained by in several ways. by the addition of coloring ions, by precipitation of nanometer sized colloides (so-called striking glasses such as "gold ruby" or red "selenium ruby"), by colored inclusions (as in milk glass and smoked glass) by light scattering (as in phase separated glass)

Colors are: 2069 light blue (what you see on boats) 2424 dark blue 2208 yellow 2422 amber/orange 2111 light green (golf carts) 2092 dark green 3030 glass green 2423 red (tail light, dark room, LED panels, IR transmitting along with visible red color light) 1020 light purple/violet 3730 Dark Transparent Purple Transparent acrylic colors WILL... An entry point for Pantone Plastics, this system offers a set of 1,005 opaque and 735 transparent chips. Perfect for inspiration, the colors in the system are separate from the Pantone system and not recommended for color communication or production. Product managers and designers can use this set for color visualization.

Browse transparency+film on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Shop transparency+film by Options, Prices & Ratings at Staples Skip to main content Skip to footer Send us a message or call us and we will give you a free quote. Start Now. Visit Us ABS plastic is an easily machined, low cost, rigid thermoplastic plastic with high impact strength. WORBLA HAND-FORMABLE BEIGE THERMOPLASTIC SHEET Worbla is a versatile product gaining popularity among hobbyist groups for its thermoformability. Pantone Color Chart – Plexiglas ® Cross Reference T = Transparent, TL = Translucent, O = Opaque Pantone Color Type Plexiglas Number Pantone Color Type Plexiglas Number Pantone Color Plexiglas Number Yellow C T 2208 288 PMS 288 TL 2114 485 C2X PMS 485 2X 2115 Yellow C TL 2037 298 PMS 298 2329 485 C2X PMS 485 2X 2283 106 U PMS 106 TL 2325 2995 ... Transparent Acrylic Sheet Discount Eligibility Our Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheets are sheets that are easily seen through, but maintain a colored hue. This is a fantastic choice for cabinetry, backlighting, and any project that requires colored acrylic sheet. 25mm Clear Acrylic Sheet; 30mm Clear Acrylic Sheet; Colour Perspex® Sheet; Black Perspex Sheet; White Perspex Sheet; Ivory Perspex Sheet; Baby Pink Perspex Sheet; Pink Perspex Sheet; Orange Perspex Sheet; Red Perspex Sheet; Dark Red Perspex Sheet; Purple Perspex Sheet; Light Blue Perspex Sheet; Blue Perspex Sheet; Dark Blue Perspex Sheet ...

500 Double New Colour BlueThe strongest of the NCB series for dramatic 'white' face and key light where warmer tones than CTB are required. 501 New Colour Blue (Robertson Blue) An alternative to the CTB series with warmer tones and a lesser green cast for face and key light. Pantone also has a Plastics palette, which consists of 735 transparent and 1,005 opaque plastic color chips. The plastics palette is used primarily by industrial designers and manfacturers worldwide to specify colors for molded and fabricated plastics. Practi-Shim™ Color Coded Plastic Shim Stock AccuTrex Products, Inc. is pleased to offer Practi-Shim™ color coded plastic shim stock in thicknesses from .0005" to .060". Practi-Shim™ materials are color-coded to provide users with an accurate, reliable recognition of thickness for ease of use. We supply plastic sheet, rod and tube as well as rubber sheet, rubber profiles, rubber rollers and molded rubber in an assortment of standard and specialty grades to solve a variety of problems including; shock, abrasion, noise, weight, mold & mildew, wear, and friction.