Shoulderless cricket bat

The materials from which a cricket bat is made and its size have varied and changed since the shape we recognise today became established in the 1870s. The most significant change in the laws since then came in 1979 when it was stated that blades must be made entirely of wood, following Dennis Lilleeā€™s use of an alumin

Major innovations included the revolutionary "Steel Spring" and the first shoulderless "Superlite" bat. In the 1970's Gray-Nicolls were the first to introduce coloured labels. Top Cricketers using the trend-setting Gray-Nicolls red flash included the Chappell brothers, Clive Lloyd, Tony Greig and Barry Richards.

At Crickstore, we stock and ship some of the best cricket bats available in the cricket world and they include : Indian cricket brands such as Sareen Sports (SS), MRF, Laver and Wood, BAS Vampire, BDM, Larsons, CEAT, New Balance Be it top Quality grade 1 English willow cricket bats of players limited edition or club cricket level grade 2 English Willows; and grade3 cricket bats. During this time, Gray-Nicolls pioneered certain bat technology, with major innovations including the revolutionary Steel Spring and the first shoulderless Superlite bat. The 1970s saw Gray-Nicolls become the first cricket company to use coloured bat labels, soon to become a trend on cricket bats. The idea behind the shoulderless bats is that by taking wood out of the shoulders you can leave more wood in the middle of the bat giving it a bigger sweetspot and better ping from that sweet spot for a lighter overall weight. A cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball, typically consisting of a cane handle attached to a flat-fronted willow-wood blade. The length of the bat may be no more than 38 inches (965 mm) and the width no more than 4.25 inches (108 mm).

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