Guinea pig care sheet

May 23, 2016 · Cut out the shapes including the slits for the ears, fold two creases along the line of the guinea pig’s back and finally slot the ears into place to hold it together. There is a mother guinea pig template and two different babies. I’ve made an extra one using an earth coloured card stock to give the mama three babies just like Lucy.

About This Quiz & Worksheet. This quiz will test your guinea pig knowledge. You'll be asked several questions about guinea pigs, including what they eat, how long they live and what type of animal ...

A pet store guinea pig purchase is often unplanned and unresearched. Getting information on proper care into the hands of prospective new guardians helps them make better-informed decisions. Since January 1, 2003, California pet stores have been required by law to provide care sheets with the purchase of each animal. Jun 20, 2010 · does anyone know of any good guinea pig info that i can print off,i dont want lots of pages something with a lot of info on maybe 2 pages...I have looked on the net and have printed off lynx pamphlet's but wanted some more info too.. please post the link if you know of any good sites x The Skinny Pig is a very unusual, yet an increasingly popular breed of Guinea Pig. There are actually two types of Hairless Guinea Pig, this one and another called the Baldwin Guinea Pig. These nearly hairless critters have a funny way of winning the hearts of nearly all they come into contact with. Clark's Pet Emporium Guinea Pig Care Sheet Clark's Pet Emporium has taken pride in sharing quality pets with our community for over 40 years. Now you can give your pet the very best care, from our home to yours, with Clark's Care Sheets. The Guinea Pig care sheet will provide you with basic knowledge to begin your new life with a guinea Guinea Pig Introduction and Origin Kellyville Pets has a range of guinea pigs for sale in Sydney, NSW. Guinea pigs have been kept in captivity for hundreds of years, originating from the forests and grasslands of South America where their wild relatives still roam.

Guinea Pig Care Sheets to help you get organized. Includes 12 care sheets, checklists and health record sheets to make your daily guinea pig routine easier. They also include useful information for making sure your guinea pigs are happy and healthy. This is an instantly downloadable pdf. Buy now and use today. Great for kids! Guinea pigs have very sensitive ears and remember sounds with ease. Guinea pigs can get through cracks that might seem too tiny for them, so the bars of their cages have to be tight. A male guinea pig is called a boar and a female is called a sow. Newborn guinea pigs are called pups. The pregnancy of a sow lasts seventy days. Give your guinea pig the best food, treats, supplies and toys from your favorite neighborhood pet store. We supply all of your pet's needs in one place at prices you love. GUINEA PIG care sheet Always wash your hands after handling your guinea pig or its housing to help maintain sanitary conditions. SHOPPING LIST FOR NEEDED SUPPLIES Guinea Pig Pellets Food Bowl Wood Chews Water Bottle Vitamin C Supplement Appropriate sized cage Pine Shavings or Appropriate Litter (No Cedar) Timothy Hay Guinea Pig Treats Book about Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs can be taught to come when called for food rewards and will love to be petted and stroked on your lap. The key to a happy and healthy Guinea pig is the right diet, exercise and housing. Bedding: Carefresh, critter crumbles, recycled paper, dust free wood shavings – Guinea pigs are sensitive to allergies/ respiratory disease.