First of all, it represents a violation of trust• 22% of college women have been forced to en-gage in sexual intercourse on a date

The impact of two acquaintance rape prevention programs on cognitive elaboration in low and high hypermasculine men Louis Owen Douglass Iowa State University Follow thisDrawing on research and firsthand interviews with acquaintance rape victims, Rape is Rape presents clear statistics on rape prevalence and reporting, consistent with aThe Campus Public Safety Department will

Acquaintance rape is a sexual assault by an individual known to the victimImplementing sexual-assault education programming during middle and high school can set a good foundation for

, Minnesota Coalition for Sexual AssaultAn Overview of the Statistics of Rape Cases in 1995Date Rape Research Papers Date Rape Research Papers look at this problem on college campuses and the issues connected with it

Acquaintance rape is an act of violenceThis number has held stead, according to the National Coalition Against Violent AthletesThe 2005 report “Sexual Assault on Campus: What Colleges and Universities Are Doing About It” sums up the scope of the acquaintance rape problem: “Counter to widespread

It’s important to remember that sexual assault is a crime no matter the circumstances, and should always be treated as such, regardless of whether or not alcohol isThe venerable and often misquoted phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman, The University of Alabama, 1993, Coordinator, Sexual Assault Response Program, Mississippi State University, Assistant Professor

5 - 10 percent of all forms of rape are even reported

Responding to College Campus Acquaintance Rape: Contextual Issues and the Challenge of Inter-Organizational Collaboration Abstract One in five college women are victims

It can be terrifying, humiliating and confusing

64% of Trans people have experienced sexual assault in their lifetimeComedian Bill Cosby and Brock Turner, a Dayton area young man turned Stanford swimmer, have a lot in common

A date rape survivor who successfully completed counseling & treatment for PTSD seeing her attacker through two trials resulting in convictions for sexual assault, rapeSexual assault has become imbued in campus culture

Corrective Rape – Corrective is a type of hate crime targeting non-heterosexual individuals as a punishment for defying traditional gender rolesProblem-Oriented Guides for Police Series No

The offender could be a friend, classmate, relative

The statistics of rape cases on a campus also could have an effect on how many students apply to the university and how the public perceives and accepts college students

Date rape is a form of acquaintance rape and dating violence

This number has held stead, according to the National Coalition Against Violent AthletesSexual assault is not a rare eventIn the 1980s, "date

One in ve women are affected by sexual violence at some point during their college careerEnglish ArticlesAcquaintance Rape of College Students, COPS, March 2002, NCJ 195868