Rilsan nylon 11 datasheet

RILSAN® Polyamide 11 in Oil & Gas Off-shore Fluids Compatibility Guide ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. 2000 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19103-3222 Telephone: (215) 419-7000

Rilsan ® polyamide 11: The unique "11-carbon chain" yields a specific crystallinity profile that is very high in hydrogen bond density. This contributes to higher melt point, lower fuel and gas permeability, and improved impact properties compared to 'the more traditional' polyamide12. Produced from castor oil, Rilsan® polyamide 11 is a high-performance polymer of 100% renewable origin. Rilsan® PA 11 resins have been synonymous with safety, performance, innovation, durability and resistance for over 60 years.

250mm Viking Johnson MaxiDaptor ductile iron flange adapter with a black Rilsan coating, EPDM gasket and PN16 rating. Connects 266mm - 295mm OD plain ended pipe to BS EN 1092-1 pipe flangesZEC Italy Thermoplastic Tubing and hoses - Pneumatics - Trailer braking system. Rilsan® PA11 tubing - PHL - low pressure

Technical Data Sheet DURALON J, JE , JM, JEM Type 11 Nylon Color Range Unlimited Specific Gravity 1.04 (Approx.) Hardness, Shore D 70 - 75 Tensile Strength, psi 6000 - 9000 (ASTM D-638) Elongation 20% Minimum (ASTM D-638) Modulus Of Elasticity, psi 2.1 x 105 Dielectric Strength, v/mil 1400 @ 15 mils Abrasion Resistance 20 MG/5000 CyclesPA_2200_Safety_data_sheet_en.doc 7 / 7 D-82152 Krailling / München The user of the product is responsible for passing all information relating to the protection of the environment as well as on health and safety in the form of this safety data sheet to all persons who come into contact with the