Coroline sheet

Coroline Bitumen Roofing Sheet. Coroline bitumen sheet is a tough yet light weight roofing material. It is available in a choice of colours including Black, Green, Red and Brown. It is guaranteed waterproof for 15 years. The only difference between Coroline and Onduline, is Coroline is 2.6mm thick and Onduline is 3mm, that’s it! Uses Garden Sheds

Description: Tough long lasting PVC corrugated sheets allows light into buildings when used as rooflights in Coroline roofs. Translucent PVC Sheet (1.2mm thick) 2000mm Manufactured to the same size and profile as the Coroline / Onduline sheets, the PVC sheet provides a simple, economical way of gaining light through the roof. Coroline Roofing Sheet is lightweight ensuring easy installation and use whilst maintaining a durable roofing material which is waterproof and environmentally friendly.

The Coroline Corrugated Bitumen Black Roof Sheet is a tough, lightweight roofing material manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibres. The roof sheets are suitable for applications such as garden sheds, garages, stables and agricultural buildings. yarcombe woodland products specialise in agricultural and domestic fencing , we also manufacture bespoke garden furniture and sheds. We aim at providing a quality product with a very competitive price range. These products are designed to meet sector specific demands & will ensure a fine product passed through a strict quality check & on time delivery commitment. colour coated roofing sheet manufacturers in India

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