Small signal transistor array datasheet

MAX 3000A Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet The MAX 3000A architecture supports 100 % transistor-to-transistor logic (TTL) emulation and high–density small-scale integration (SSI), medium-scale integration (MSI), and large-scale integration (LSI) logic functions. The MAX 3000A ar chitecture easily integrates multiple devices

STA415A Power Transistor Array . Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO PT Tj Tstg PW 1ms, Duty Ratings (pulse 30 4 (Ta 25ºC) 18 (Tc +150 25% Unit W ºC. Symbol ICBO IEBO VCEO hFE VCE (sat) VFEC RB RBE Es/b Test Conditions VCB = 30V VEB = 25mA VCE = 5mA IFEC = 2A Ratings 2.5max 50min. The invention of the bipolar transistor in 1948 ushered in a revolution in electronics. Technical feats previously requiring relatively large, mechanically fragile, power-hungry vacuum tubes were suddenly achievable with tiny, mechanically rugged, power-thrifty specks of crystalline silicon. This ...

74HC04 Inverter Array . 2N4400 Bipolar Transistor . Computer Controlled Measurements (Signal Express Manual) Computer Controlled Measurements(Signal Express Abbreviated Manual) Laboratory Equipment. Waveform Generator - Agilent 33220A . Users Guide. Data Sheet Electronic Components. With over $1 billion of available inventory, 1-Source Electronic Components is the one-stop electronic component distributor and electronic component supplier for all board-level electronic, electric, and interconnect components, plus any raw materials and tool requirements you may have. So please explain me about transistor models in plain English. I know what transistor is. What I dont know is about its models for circuit design like hybrid model, small signal model etc. I dont what equations (I got books for that). Tell something in plain language. EDIT: Explain about Small signal model. Jul 29, 2019 · With more complicated circuit elements, like transistors, amplifiers, vacuum tubes, or other devices, you may need to calculate a number of other resistances to properly create an equivalent linear circuit element for use in small signal analysis. D . IMPORTANT NOTICE . Diodes Incorporated and its subsidiaries reserve the right to make modifications, enhancements, improvements, corrections or other changes The mixed signal gate array technology is a sea-of-gates transistor array and pro- vides a 0.5 µm technology with p-substrate, single-well, double-poly and up to 3 met- al layers.

The ULN2003 is a monolithic IC consists of seven NPN darlington transistor pairs with high voltage and current capability. It is commonly used for applications such as relay drivers, motor, display drivers, led lamp drivers, logic buffers, line drivers, hammer drivers and other high voltage current applications. CRYSTALONICS, formed in 1958, is a broadline semiconductor manufacturer of Small Signal Transistors, JFETS, DUAL and QUAD TRANSISTORS, POWER TRANSISTORS, CURRENT REGULATOR DIODES, VARACTOR DIODES and custom HYBRID MICROCIRCUITS. Arrays Combination of diodes (phase-out product) Bipolar Transistors Control and signal processing Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) (Power) switches and signal processing Shunt Regulator Voltage reference Diacs Trigger diodes Voltage Regulator Constant DC voltage regulation In the book Learning the Art of Electronics, one of the labs is to build a differential amplifier with a CA3096 transistor array. The author admits that the chip may be difficult to find and gives the HFA3096 as a suitable replacement. However, the datasheet for the HFA3096 gives the following breakdown voltages: Notes: 1. Built with adjacent die from a single wafer. 2. Device mounted on FR5 PCB: 1.0 x 0.75 x 0.62 in.; pad layout as shown on suggested pad layout document AP02001, which can be found on our