Nsc1003 datasheets

BALVER ZINN SOLDER SN100C and SN100Ce are lead-free* alloys especially developed for wave soldering. SN100C is the trade name for the lead-free* alloy SnCu0.7Ni for wave soldering. This alloy was marked out by the NASA consortia to be the most reliable lead-free* alloy in wave soldering.

Material Safety Data Sheet 1. Chemical Products & Company Information Lead-Free Flux Cored Solder Wire Chemical Product Name : SN100C(030) Company Name : Nihon Superior Co., Ltd. Address : 16 -15 Esaka -Cho 1-Chome Suita 564 -0063 Japan Division : Quality Assurance

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Pre-requisites: Either of the first year modules BIO1345 Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds I, or NSC1003 Foundations in Natural Science; BIO2085 (which has BIO1345 or NSC1003 Foundations in Natural Science a prerequisite anyway) Ideally BIO3089 Organic Synthesis and Drug Design LM709 Operational Amplifier GeneralDescription The LM709 series is a monolithic operational amplifier in-tended for general-purpose applications Operation is com-pletely specified over the range of voltages commonly used for these devices The design in addition to providing high gain minimizes both offset voltage and bias currents Fur- NSC1003 1280x1024, 6.8µm Rolling/Global/Dif GIGE 58Hz Up to 28Hz Model Sensor Interface Frame rate MB1602-PVB* NSC1602 640x480, 7.5µm Rolling/Global/Dif USB3.0 150Hz *Products and speciications discussed herein are for evaluation and reference purposes only and are subject to change by NIT without notice. These are the part details and datasheets for NAS1291C02M and contains information such as trending graphs, pricing, part images, similar parts, technical information, supplier stock, and manufacturer information.