Flip flop 74112 datasheet 2n3904

The 74112 (pronounced 74-112) contains two J-K Flip-Flop. Study the 74HC112E data sheet to discover the pin assignments for this chip. In this lab we are going to use F/F 1, the top flip-flop shown in the diagram on page 2 of the datasheet.

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74LS112 JK Flip - Flop contains two independent negative-edge-triggered J-K flip-flops with complementary outputs. The J and K data is processed by the flip-flop on the falling edge of the clock pulse. A low logic level on the preset or clear inputs will set or reset the outputs regardless of the logic levels of the other inputs. ti provides technical and reliability data (including datasheets), design resources (including reference designs), application or other design advice, web tools, safety information, and other resources “as is” and with all faults, and disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including without limitation any