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Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 2007 - 2SK4145. Abstract: K4145 Text: . ORDERING INFORMATION PART NUMBER 2SK4145-S19-AY LEAD PLATING PACKING PACKAGE Pure Sn (Tin , TRANSISTOR 2SK4145 SWITCHING N-CHANNEL POWER MOS FET DESCRIPTION The 2SK4145 is N-channel MOS , file and specifying it in the "Find what:" field. 2007 2SK4145 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = , 2SK4145 TYPICAL ...

电子元件交易网(114ic电子网)是全球集成电路IC交易平台,专注于IC电子市场的实时行情价格,致力于为国内外电子元器件企业与生产供应厂商搭建IC网上市场,并提供IC查询电子元件PDF,IC Datasheet技术资料及IC采购,是电子元器件行业中电子商务资讯(B2B)权威性IC网站,第229页

Abstract: 2SK4145 nec k4145 k4145 k4145 NEC fet K4145 transistor 2sk4145 2SK4145-S19-AY transistor d 1302 K4145 DATASHEET. Text: DATA SHEET MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR 2SK4145 SWITCHING N-CHANNEL POWER MOS FET DESCRIPTION The 2SK4145 is N-channel MOS Field Effect Transistor designed for high current switching applications. N-CHANNEL 600V - 0.26ohm - 20A TO-220-TO-220FP-TO-247 FDmesh POWER MOSFET (with FAST DIODE), P20NM60FD datasheet, P20NM60FD circuit, P20NM60FD data sheet : STMICROELECTRONICS, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. Circuit Descriptions, List of Abbreviations, and IC Data Sheets Index of this chapter: 1. Introduction 2. Power Supply 3. Deflection 4. Control 5. Tuner and IF 6. Source Selection 7. Audio 8. Video 9. Abbreviations 10. IC Data Sheets Notes: Only new circuits compared to the M8 (L01.1 for other regions) chassis are described in this chapter. K4145 - K4145 Datasheet - PDF K3683 - K3683 Datasheet - PDF K3532-01MR - K3532-01MR Datasheet - PDF K2961 - K2961 Datasheet - PDF K2837 - K2837 Datasheet - PDF 【维库电子市场网】提供最为精准的k4118信息、k4118厂家、k4118供应商、k4118品牌、封装批号等内容,查看k4118信息就上【维库电子市场网】。

Feb 19, 2015 · Ik voeg een schema toe uit de datasheet hoe de LM317 gebruikt moet worden als spannings regelaar. Bertus _____ Je hoeft niet alles te weten,als je het maar weet te vinden. Als je iets vraagt lijk je misschien dom. Als je niets vraagt blijf je dom. Ik beantwoord geen vragen in PM's. Dit gaat voorbij aan de ideeen van het forum, A: Yes, Our product technical engineer will help you on the K4145 pinout information, application notes, replacement, datasheet in pdf, manual, schematic, equivalent, cross reference. Located in Shenzhen, the electronic market center of China. Jun 15, 2017 · K4145 Datasheet - 60V, Nch, MOSFET - 2SK4145 - NEC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.