Silicon steel sheets for magnetics

To sum up, the magnetostriction property of silicon steel sheets is vector-anisotropic, and the principal strain vector relates to not only the magnitude, but also the direction of magnetic field where the sheet locates in. Therefore, the vectorial magnetostriction property of silicon steel sheets expressed by principal strain has to be given ...

Silicon steel sheets are used as soft magnetic materials in electrical appliances and devices. Transformers and electrical motors are currently operated at frequencies above 400 Hz to obtain a higher response, efficiency and miniaturization. These trends have changed the need for silicon steel sheets.

These magnetic sheets are tough and durable, great for creating removable signs to use on vehicles or other metal surfaces. They are smooth, pliant, non-porous, highly magnetic, and weather-resistant. The sheets contain no plasticizers which may cause problems with painted surfaces, but it is rec... + READ MORE

Waelzholz GmbH & Co. showcased its electrical steel strip grades with precisely defined magnetic properties at CWIEME held in Berlin in May, particularly its stress-bearing high-strength and ultra-high-strength grades for use in high-frequency automotive drives. From small magnets for magnetising arms and weapons on regular figures to larger magnets for magnetising bases, vehicle weapons and robot arms. We also stock "Rubber Steel" sheets, a great product which allows you to easily magnetise your fantasy movement trays and display stands. The magnetics engineer is now designing magnetic components that operate from below the audio range to the megahertz range. He is normally asked to design for maximum performance, with the minimum of his parasitic friends' capacitance and leakage inductance. Today, the magnetic materials the engineer has to work with are silicon steel, nickel Magnetic properties of 6.5% silicon steel sheets under PWM voltage excitation: Authors: ... IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 34, issue 4, pp. 1183-1185 ... These included cold rolled fully processed non-oriented steel sheets for use in alternators and cold rolled grain-oriented steel sheets used as core material in power transformers. The steel samples were supplied by the leading Polish producer Stalprodukt S.A. from Bochnia.