Z43 zener diode datasheet

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Zener diode specification sheet is also available here as well as Zener diode voltage list. Presented here Zener diode price will ease the choice of proper component. You can immediately calculate the purchase amount without any consequences. A Zener diode is a semi diode with great properties. How to use Zener diode?

1N47 SERIES ZENER DIODES 1N47 SERIES ZENER DIODES TYPE Nominal Zener Voltage [email protected] Volts I R µAMAX ZZT @I ZT Ohms Test Current I ZT mA Max Zener Impedance A and B Sufflx only [email protected] Ohms Max Reverse Leakage Current Package VR Dimensions Volts DO-41 (mm) Φ 0.1 29 ± 1 4.2 ± 0.1 29 ± 1 Z [email protected] ZK mA Surge Current @ Ta=25°C Ir-mA Zener diode circuit for PSU with series transistor. The very simple Zener diode circuit providing the shunt regulator function as shown above is not particularly efficient and is not practicable for many higher current applications. One solution is to utilise a Zener diode circuit that uses a transistor buffer that acts as a series pass transistor.

Zener diode Features 1. Low leakage 2. Low zener impedance 3. High reliability 4. Small surface mounting type . Applications . Voltage stabilization . Absolute Maximum Ratings T j =25 ℃ Parameter Symbol Value Unit Power dissipation . P d 36B2 datasheet, 36B2 pdf, 36B2 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf ... Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diode for Stabilized Power Supply: SMD Zener Diode Page 4 REV:E RATING AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES ( CZRA4728-G Thru. CZRA4764-G) QW-BZ004 J u n c t i o n t o l e a d t h e r m a l, n (m V / ° C / W) 175 150 125 100 Zener current IZ PV/VZ mA Thermal resistance junction to ambient air Valid provided that leads at a distance of 4 mm from case are kept at ambient temperature RthJA 110 K/W Junction temperature Tj 175 °C Storage temperature range Tstg-65 to +175 °C Forward voltage (max.) IF = 200 mA VF 1.2 V