Tj fuel pump relay location

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hmm, sounds like a fuel problem to me. I would check out the fuel pump, the O2 Sensor and anything else fuel related first. I had this very problem happen to me recently (not in a jeep mind you) but it was a bugger to figure out and sure enough, it was the fuel pump at the end of the day…. You can locate your fuel pump by sliding underneath the car (if you can't fit, you can place the car securely on jack stands) and looking just in front of the gas tank on one side of the car or the other. You can also follow the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. The pump will often be in a black insulating sleeve.

On some the fuel filter was a pain to find but the fuel lines in the engine bay were sometimes very easy to find and often they do have a port for diagnostic use, different from a shrader valve but you can buy stuff to attach to it. I did always wonder about just running the battery dead using the stock vehicle fuel pump to pump the fuel though. I am not getting fuel to the carb. I am not getting electricity to the fuel pump. I think it might be the fuel pump relay but don't know where it is located and what it looks like. Can someone tell me what I am looking for and where it is located and how to test it.THANKS Michael 1997-1998: Daytime Running Lamp Module, Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid, Duty Cycle EVAP/Purge Solenoid, Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay, Immobilizer Module, EVAP Leak Detection Pump, Powertrain Control Mudele, Automatic Shut Down Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, Rear Window Defogger Relay;

An open or shorted condition detected in the auto shutdown relay circuit. An open condition detected in the ASD relay output circuit. An open or shorted condition detected in the fuel pump relay control circuit. An open circuit between PCM and fuel gauge sending unit. Circuit shorted to voltage between PCM and fuel gauge sending unit. We offer a wide range of Jeep Fuel Pump Relays of all the best brands in the industry at an affordable rate that fits the Price Range you are looking for. Shop with us at wholesale prices and get free shipping over $50. We have over lots of customer reviews on Jeep Fuel Pump Relay to help you find exactly what you need. Went to start and it would spin over but not crank. Thought it was the fuel pump and droped the tank, pulled pump. Checked the pump with a battery and it started fine. Checked the voltage at the plug and only got .6 volts when ignition turned on. Changed the fuel pump relay but no change. I even used a jumper at relay and the pump would come on. No. A: Protected Component: J1: 40: Power Folding Seat: J2: 30: Transfer Case Module, Power Liftgate Module: J3: 40: Rear Door Module: J4: 25: Driver Door Node: J5 ...