Sepam 80 datasheet

Sepam series 60 is a family of high performance digital protection relays, for all public or industrial distribution network protection applications. Sepam series 60 Sepam series 60 and its optional modules Base unit, with two types of User Machine Interfaces (UMI): Integrated mimic-based UMI Integrated or remote advanced UMI. t1f80x100g iboco 80 x 100 grey trunking 8mtr pk t1e80x60g iboco 80 x 60 grey trunking 24m pk t1ef80x80g iboco 80 x 80 grey trunking 24m pk ductafixr6 iboco m6 orange rivets pk500 ductafixr6wh iboco m6 white duct rivets t115x30g iboco grey trunking 15 x 30mm 9001tn3left/right square d arrows legend plate brush63k09 brush fuse

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