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CIM-9 Product Datasheet The following tables describe products with typical flux and minimum flux measured at 180mA and specified at T j = 85ºC. The values at 25ºC are calculated and shown for reference only. Ordering Part Numbers - 36V CCT Output Flux (lm) Color Rendering Index (min.) Ordering Part Number Typ. (8 5ºC) Min. (8 5ºC) Calculated

1050 Barber Creek • Bldg 300 • Suite 103 • Watkinsville • Georgia • 30677 • USA Tel 678-753-0747 • Fax 678-753-0746 • E-mail [email protected] DATA SHEET Datasheet RS Pro LED 15W Bulkhead ENGLISH RS Stock No: 145-5901 This RS Pro LED Bulkhead has a sleek ultra modern body with no visible screws. With a quick fix installation bracket, this bulkhead is ideal for domestic properties. The OmniPOD Linear is a new range of premium luminaires for office applications where the best lifetime, market leading optical performance coupled with outstanding efficacy and colour quality is needed. The range is designed around the advances in Circadian Research as well as the requirements Human Centric Lighting. Nov 21, 2019 · Adult: Adults yellow, 12 mm long, with many black spots on wings, thorax and abdomen: 25-30 spots on forewing, ca 15 on hindwing, 3-4 on abdominal dorsum (except 2nd segment), 2 on 8th segment. YL 1050 data sheet Parameter: Symbol: Value. Plate voltage idle: Ua0: 3300 V (VHF) / 3000 V (UHF) Plate voltage transmit: Ua: 3000 V (VHF) / 2800 V (UHF) Screen voltage:

CARBAMIC ACID, 1H-BENZIMIDAZOL-2-YL, METHYL ESTER (CAS 10605-21-7) SARA 304 Emergency release notification Not regulated. Listed. OSHA Specifically Regulated Substances (29 CFR 1910.1001-1050) Not listed. Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) Hazard categories Immediate Hazard - No Delayed Hazard - Yes Fire Hazard - No Use CalcExpress to quickly carry out quick online calculations of required indoor luminaire numbers for rectangular rooms. Enter the calculation parameters for your solution such as room dimensions, mounting height, height of the useful plane and required level of illuminance, and the site will instantly suggest a solution according to the light output ratio method. www.seoulsemicon.com Product Data Sheet 4 ESKBT809-S –809 Series Sky Blue Rev2.1, Mar 02, 2017 Performance Characteristics Table 2. Absolute Maximum Ratings Notes : (1) A zener diode is included for ESD Protection.