C2316 transistor datasheet

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C2316-OO(TRANS) NTE Equivalent NTE31 TRANSISTOR NPN SILICON... Orders for 47 or more ship same day or within 48Hrs. (Factory Drop Ship) Smaller orders ship within 5 days

transistor q301 q302 q351 q352 q404 q405 q406 q501. e-5 e-5 g-3 g-3 g-5 h-5 h-6 d-1. volume vr351 vr401. d-3 b-6. th-58px60u p-board parts location. th-58px60u p-board parts location. 40 th-58px60u. p(p-1)-board (component side) etxmm611meh (npx611me-1) 6. th-58px60u p-board etxmm611meh. th-58px60u p-board etxmm611meh. 41 th-58px60u. p-2. parts location p-board (foil side) module mc201 mc202 mc203 SSEPAA5-02N price list from transistorfet.com offers you the best SSEPAA5-02N photo,transistor and SSEPAA5-02N mosfet. Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 2014 - AD8488. Abstract: No abstract text available Text: Reliability Handbook UG-311 One Technology Way â ¢ P.O. Box 9106 â ¢ Norwood, MA 02062-9106 , WARNING AND LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

TO-92 Plastic-Encapsulate Transistors S9018 TRANSISTOR (NPN) FEATURES z High Current Gain Bandwidth Product MAXIMUM RATINGS (T a=25℃ unless otherwise noted) ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (T a=25℃ unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Test conditions Min Typ Max Unit Collector-base breakdown voltage V (BR)CBO I C=100μA,I E=0 25 V