Seed paper sheets

All of our plantable seed paper is made by hand here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The recycled fibers we use are 100% locally sourced, making our paper a natural choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option. We make our seed paper in several colors and have the ability to custom produce colors and seed mixes of your choice.

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How To Plant Seed Paper. How To Grow Seed Paper. 1. Loosen the soil. 2. Soak the seed paper in water overnight. 3. Plant the wet seed paper in the prepared soil, at a depth of about 1/4 inch. The perfect DIY seed paper kit for wedding invitations, save-the-dates, baby shower invitations and so much more, this package contains 10 sheets of plantable seed paper in assorted colors. All you need is a printer, a ruler and an exacto knife to make each invitation the right size!

Seed Paper, Plantable Wedding Invitations and Green Promotions. Welcome to Botanical PaperWorks, the site for all products related to plantable paper (also known as seed paper). On this site, you'll find thousands of eco-friendly paper products all with a seed paper component. Why do we use seed paper in our products? Step 1 Fold four sheets of paper in half from top to bottom. Step 2 On each folded paper, make a cut 1 inch from the side on the top flap. Step 3 Place the folded papers one on top of the other. Staple the four sections together and label the top four tabs: Rome’s Beginnings,The Roman Republic,The Fall of the Republic, and The Early Empire ... Please note that the dill seeds cause a slight yellow bleed around them on the paper. Category: Herb & Vegetable Seed Paper Grow-a-Note® Carrot Seed Sheet Natural White Seed Paper sheets from Custom Earth Promos are used to create a wide variety of creative seed paper products. Customers ordering seed paper products are offered a wide range of custom color options. Our celebrated seed paper is handmade from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, contributing to the conservation of the environment. Made by hand in Seattle we offer full sheet deckle edge seed papers. If you want handmade, earth friendly, tree free, true environmental responsibility and stewardship; you have found the right company. Making paper one sheet at a time since 1995.