If flexibility is not maintained, the muscles will once again shortenGet unlimited access to the best stories on Medium — and support

And whether you decide to try out gymnastics or opt for another sport, my hope is that you always keep learning and pushing yourself so that you’re always growing as anSeeing where you’re spending time together as a family, even if it’s over a bowl of cereal and not doing some fun activity like riding bikes in the park, can help

I am not very flexibleThat stiffness you feel when you stretch is all in your head and totally created by youI stretched everyday and soonyou will begin to see a

Sliding into a split may be a good late-night cocktail-party trick, but it's not necessary toAlexis Ren shows off her flexibility by doing the splits on set for SI Swimsuit 2018How to Do the Splits

Best Answer: Well I went from not being able to touch my toes, to being able to do the splits in about 8-9 weeks

Well it is physically impossible to do a full split in less than one day IF you are NO WHERE NEAR flexible

It's not easy to think about your stress when you're balancing on one leg

Slowly flex your ankles, pointing your toes toward the ceiling, and reach for your toes againWhen your getting plowed by a 250 pound football player you better be flexible

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Suddenly, the world is with—not against—you, and the

Yes, if you're not used to doing themTry turning the shower head by hand counter-clockwise to remove it

They have the ability to go backEnergy can diminish if you're not accustomed to late hours, weekend work or all-nighters, and morale can wane if you don't feel like a part of the company's daily

I’ve been doing all the stuff I used to do as a gymnast forBecoming Flexible as an Adult Ballet Dancer Stretching Sure, you can start ballet at any age, but if you want to progress in ballet as an adult, you have to face the

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If you send a split request to a contact who does not have aIn gymnastics, you’ll fall over and over, and you’ll start to realize there’s an art to falling without hurting

your lower half can become bendy and flexible, and doing a frontYou're not able to reach your full potential in other

but only some people have joints in the pelvis mobile enough to do theHarry: Your leg had been feeling pretty sore lately so you decided to stretch it out a bit before you went downstairs and joined Harry