3m super duty rubbing compound msds sheet

3M 6064 Perfect It Machine Polish Swirl Mark Remover works great when used after using 3M 06085 Perfect It Rubbing Compound. For best results use a 3M 05738 Perfect It Polishing pad. This product leaves a high gloss and swirl-free finish. For dark colours follow up with 3M 06068 Ultrafine Machine Polish.

3M™ Super Duty Rubbing Compound (16 Ounce) Aggressive compound that removes 1000 and finer sand scratches on all types of paint surfaces. They color sand the car then apply 3M rubbing compound with a lambs wool pad and buffer, then apply a machine glaze with a foam pad and buffer, then a final hand glaze. Is this also buffing? Yes it is. Example 3: You use an aluminum polish like Mothers, Eagle One, Autosol, X-treme, or Never-Dull. You rub, rub, rub until you're blue in the face ...

May 16, 2019 · By buffing out the minute scratches in a cars paint job with a rubbing compound, a level surface is created. The best way to protect this level surface is to regularly seal and wax the coat. The various waxes and sealants on the market are applied with the same gentle care as rubbing compounds, but offer varying degrees of protection.

I'm pretty good at this. Try 3M "brown" super duty compound with a 7" Makita rotary and wool bonnet. You may not have to sand at all. Oxidation has to be advanced for sanding to be necessary, and it's a hell of a lot more work. Compound an area @ 2000 rpms, give or take, until the compound is gone. Put some pressure on the polisher. I’ve used it with very good success over the years and it works. Is it the best compound? No. Do I regularly use it when compounding? No, but I still do on occasion. 3M Marine Super Duty Rubbing Compound is a very good product and it would be considered “paint shop safe” meaning it contains no “cheater oils” like silicone. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound Heavy Cut Compound at the best online prices at eBay!