Mil prf 680 type iii msds sheets

MIL-PRF-24635E SILICONE ALKYD ENAMEL N40 S T II S V N40A400 T II LSA V ... • Complies with Military Specifi cation MIL-PRF-24635 Type II, Class 1, 2, 3, Grade A,B ...

MIL-PRF-24635E, Type II, Class 3, Grade A Enamel, Silicone Alkyd Copolymer. Star rating out of 5; Not Yet Rated Write a Review

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET V93V26 05 00 SECTION 1 — PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NUMBER V93V26 PRODUCT NAME MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, Class H, Ordnance Polyurethane High Solids Catalyst, Component B MANUFACTURER'S NAME THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY 101 Prospect Avenue N.W. Cleveland, OH 44115 Telephone Numbers and Websites

MIL-PRF-680. A degreasing solvent. MIL-PRF-3043C MIL-PRF-3043. A thermosetting resin coating for surfaces of engine components and metal parts. MIL-PRF-22750F MIL-PRF-22750G MIL-PRF-22750. A high-solids epoxy coating. MIL-PRF-23377G MIL-PRF-23377H MIL-PRF-23377J MIL-PRF-23377. A two component, low VOC, epoxy-polyamide primer. – Type I, Class ... Apr 09, 2017 · The Type 1 solvent evaporates more rapidly than the other MIL-PRF-680 types so it is the preferred solvent to use for manual cleaning The product will effectively remove a wide range of soils such as grease, lubricants, coolants, oils, and particulate matter. ROYCO 363 Section 12. Ecological information Products of degradation : The final products of biodegradation are carbon oxides and water. Nitrogen and sulfur oxides and metal salts may also be produced in some cases. P/S 870 Class B Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant P/S 870 Class B corrosion inhibitive sealant. It has a service temperature range from -65°F (-54°C) to 250°F (121°C). with intermittent excursions up to 275°F (135°C).