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Money Market and Fixed Income Broker - AFS Group BV. Jos Terlage. Jos Terlage senior broker at AFS GROUP 1-08-1987 until 01-08-2018 . Ready for à second life .

The HKICPA decided to replace HKAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement over a period of time. The first instalment, dealing with classification and measurement of financial assets, was issued as HKFRS 9 Financial Instruments in November 2009.

The expected long-term rate of return of the pension plan assets used for determining pension expense was 7.55% and 7.80% for the years ended August 31, 2017 and August 31, 2016, respectively. Impairment of Fixed Assets – Impairment of a fixed asset occurs when the realizable value of an asset, as shown in the balance sheet, exceeds its actual value (fair value) to the company. When impairment occurs, the business must decrease its value in the balance sheet and recognize a loss in the income statement. I manage the trading desk at AIB responsible for all trading activity across interest rate, inflation, equity and fixed income markets, combination of derivative and cash products. Activity arises from balance sheet management, customer flow and proprietary activity.

Responsible to generate fee based income and interest income by managing bank’s Available for Sale (AFS) & Hold to Maturity (HTM) fixed income portfolio Banking Book Derivative Dealer / Portfolio Manager -Treasury Group 3. Current income from a) Shares and other non-fixed-income securities 20 18 b) Equity investments 1 2,457 21 2,475 4. Income from leasing transactions 307,731 268,139 5. Expenses from leasing transactions 113,562 103,495 194,169 164,644 6. Commission income 327,413 303,511 7. Commission expenses 357,969 308,096 –