Bzv85 c5v6 datasheet

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Набор выводных стабилитронов BZV85 EK-BZV85 ... BZV85-C5V1: 5 шт: BZV85-C5V6: 5 шт ... Datasheet BZV85C.

BZV85-C5V6 - 5,6 volt 1.3 Watt- 10 stuks Euro 0.65 Printplaat 3 way molex connectorBZV85 series Voltage regulator diodes Rev. 03 — 10 November 2009 Product data sheet n Total power dissipation: max. 1.3 W n Tolerance series: approximately ±5% n Working voltage range: nominal 3.3 V to 75 V (E24 range) n Non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation: max. 60 W n Small hermetically sealed glass package Table 1. Quick reference data Compare pricing for Nexperia BZV85-C5V6,113 across 17 distributors and discover alternative parts, CAD models, technical specifications, datasheets, and more on Octopart.

Molex ML-XT™ Sealed 12 Circuit Plug Housing, Pre-Assembled with Small Rear Seal and Cover, Keying Option C, Green, Comparable to DT06-12SC-C015Nexperia ツェナーダイオード 5.6V スルーホール 1.3 W BZV85-C5V6,113、その他ツェナーダイオードを電子部品・半導体の通販/販売 ...Sep 01, 2014 · smd philips-130419134912-phpapp02 1. discrete semiconductors marking codes small signal transistors and diodes 2. philips semiconductors small signal transistors and diodes marking codes diode type number to marking code type number marking code package 1n821 1n821 sod68 (do34) 1n821a 1n821a sod68 (do34) 1n823 1n823 sod68 (do34) 1n823a 1n823a sod68 (do34) 1n825 1n825 sod68 (do34) 1n825a 1n825a ...