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Major Crimes Fanfics. 77 likes. Community. Es war soweit,in zwei Tagen sollte der fall Stroh in die entscheidende Phase gehen,der letzte Prozesstag.Rusty war sichtlich aufgeregt.Alles würde endlich ein Ende haben,er würde ein normales Leben führen können.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Even Rusty's biological mother, Sharon Beck notes how good Sharon Raydor is to her son and tells him that Sharon Raydor is a much better mother to him than she ever was. Death [ edit ] After a short battle with her heart condition, towards the end of episode 9, during season 6 of Major Crimes, Commander Raydor collapsed while interrogating a ...

major crimes major crimes fic sharon raydor rusty beck ricky raydor emily raydor andy flynn mike tao buzz watson provenza wow that's much longer than I expected not sure about the ending major criminalities captain sexhair mama raydor Sharon left her bedroom a little after 8 AM. Rusty was sound asleep on the couch. She stopped to look at him and smiled. There was a gentle knock on the door, but she wasn't sure she had heard right. Who would come by so early on a Saturday morning? But a few seconds later, there it was again. "Hi," Emily seemed rather embarrassed on the threshold.

Have Yourself an Ollie Little Christmas, a major crimes fanfic | FanFiction So, I think 5000 years ago I was posting links to chapters of “An Unexpected Guest” on here. If you remember that, or even enjoyed it, check this out. Rusty came home not later, the door slamming shut behind him and then his bag thudding loudly to the ground. Andy looked up with a complaint on his lips, but Rusty’s apology was on his face as soon as he walked into the room. “Shit, sorry. I didn’t think you’d be out here….” He walked over to the couch and leaned over to see Sharon. Major Crimes is a major disappointment, and it keeps getting worse. Mary McD is a terrible actress, and her plastic surgery has rendered her incapable of facial expressions or normal speech.