Configure sflow sample rate sheets

Configuring Huawei switches. The following commands configure a Huawei switch ( to sample packets at 1-in-1024, poll counters every 30 seconds and send sFlow to an analyzer ( using the default sFlow port 6343: system-view sflow collector 1 ip port 6343 sflow agent ip For each interface:

Once an sFlow receiver/destination has been enabled, this command enables flow sampling for that instance. The receiver-instance number is 1, 2, or 3, and the sampling rate is the allowable non-zero skipcount for the specified port or ports. To disable flow-sampling for the specified <PORT-LIST> repeat the above command with a sampling rate of 0.

How to configure sFlow on Cisco Nexus 3000 series switches. sFlow is an industry standard sampling technology for monitoring traffic in data networks.

I'm using sflow on my ex4200 switches to analyse traffic on our network. Currently i'm not happy with the amount of output i'm receiving. Can anyone recommend the best setting for sflow sampling rate for ingress and egress. I'd like to get as much output as possible without impacting on the switches/network performance.