Custom cut polystyrene sheets

Polystyrene Xtreme also sells polystyrene blocks and polystyrene sheets cut to client specifications. POLYSTYRENE XTREME IS A COMPANY BASED IN PRETORIA, GAUTENG WE HAVE WIDELY EXPERIENCED STAFF

Molded or sheet polystyrene is used for packaging, bottles, trays, dishes, disposable razors, and many other objects. High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) can be used in many print applications, including promotional signs, display materials, garden stakes and tags, posters, and retail packaging, as well as 3D lenticular or moving images (images that give an illusion of depth or movement).

Custom polystyrene cutting of sheets, blocks, packaging, CNC specific cut items, polystyrene beads or strips are part of our services. Currently we supply various small and large businesses with different products ranging from sheets to monthly packaging requirements and more. We are specialists in wire cut expanded polystyrene packaging and packing inserts. Long or short runs small orders and one offs catered for. Polystyrene offers excellent transit protection for electronics, appliances, glass and virtually all fragile items. Plastics Cut-to-Size Curbell supplies a range of sheet materials in various clears, colors, grades, and sizes. Custom-cut plastic sheet requests often include: ABS; Acetal; Acrylic; Expanded PVC; HDPE; High Impact Polystyrene; KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet; Nylon; PETG; Polycarbonate; UHMW...more; Cut Pieces With Tight Tolerance and Smooth Edges

Custom Cut Cushions We Cut Foam Down to Size. We know that furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, which is precisely why our foam can be custom cut for your every need. Whether you’re re-upholstering a couch that’s too saggy or need new foam padding for beds, we can trim your replacement foam cushions down to just the size you need. Cut Shapes. POLYSTYRENE comes in five grades of density. All our polystyrene is manufactured from virgin bead and no regrind is used in our process. Customers will detail their shape and sizing, then order the most suitable grade for their application, and we cut the polystyrene into the required shape and size. Acme Plastics has Cut-to-Size White Hi Impact Styrene Sheets. Hi Impact Styrene is nontoxic & odorless, ideal for vacuum forming & display fabrication. Check out the deal on Cut-to-Size White Styrene Sheet - High Impact at ACME Plastics, Inc. Polystyrene sheets in custom cut Polystyrene is an affordable and hard thermoplastic which can be be machined and processed very well. The black high-gloss sheets are covered with a protective film on one side.