Puppy mini aussie

Each puppy is started with potty training by going to a designated "potty area" outside. This will enable the future owner to have an easier transition into potty training. Each puppy at Shining Star Aussies is on a stringent and scheduled vaccination and deworming program.

The Mini Aussie, when bred to meet the breed standard, has all of the benefits as the full size Australian Shepherd, except in a smaller package which makes it convenient to take your Mini with you. We typically raise puppies that will mature between 15" - 17" tall.

Our dedicated AussieDoodle puppy coach service will help you with training your puppy into an intelligent well mannered family pet. Only AwesomeDoodle offers a LIFETIME SUPPORT system for your puppy, as a result, you can be assured we will be there to help you with your Aussie Poo for years to come. No matter male or female, blue or red, black ... Many of these dogs, owned by Jay Sisler, can be found in the pedigrees of today’s Aussies. The first Aussie was registered with the International English Shepherd Registry, now known as the National Stock Dog Registry. The AKC recognized the Australian Shepherd in 1993. Raising an Aussie puppy is a wonderful experience! There is not words to explain the feeling when your Aussie puppy looks into your eyes and almost talks to you. The intelligence level and desire to please is so unbelievable with breed that rairaising a Aussie puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have! Riata Australian Shepherds is a family-owned and operated breeder of Australian Shepherd dogs and puppies right here in Roswell, New Mexico. Our first Australian Shepherd was given to us by an old cowboy who broke his hip after he was bucked off of a colt while working wheat pasture cattle in Clovis, NM. Dec 19, 2019 · Searching for a Larka Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd for Sale? Larka Aussies in Buffalo, MO, offers mini & toy Australian shepherds for sale with nationwide shipping.

An intelligent and playful crossbreed, the Miniature Aussiedoodle combines the semi-hypoallergenic properties of mini Poodles with a purebred Mini Aussie's playfulness. This bright, eager-to-please, Mini Aussiedoodle craves attention and loves affection. All puppies come up to date for everything for their age. All puppies are Guaranteed to be in good physical & mental condition & free from disease at time of sale.