Beta pleated sheet diagram of a cell

Biology . Higher and standard level . ... Question 3 and question 4 refer to the following diagram. It shows a potassium channel in an ... B. Beta pleated sheet

The beta-pleated sheet forms when two or more peptide chains, called strands, line up side-by-side with the C=O and N-H bonds in the plane of the sheets A) True B) False What is the function of the alpha helix protein in a plant cell membrane? ... the names of the two most common secondary structures for proteins as the alpha helix and the beta pleated sheet. ...

Which of lead protein stricture to the x helix and the b pleated sheet represent? ... Alpha helices and Beta pleated sheets make up the secondary structure of protein ... Basic Biochemistry and Cell Organisation P.M. THURSDAY, 26 May 2016 ... Using information from the diagrams, ... Beta pleated sheet. 17 (B400U10-1) Turn over. 17 to move substances across the cell surface (e.g. Cilia can be found on cells lining the trachea. These cells help to move mucus and trapped particles away from the lungs). Organelles found only in plant cells: The . cell wall. surrounds the outside of a plant’s cell membrane, and also attaches cells to their neighbours. GCSE Biology (Science) revision covering Globular and Fibrous Proteins. Topics include Haemoglobin, amino acids, Collagen, The Primary structure of collagen, The Secondary/Tertiary Structure of Collagen, The Quaternary Structure of Collagen

The pleated sheet is stabilized by hydrogen bonds between the amine groups of one chain and the carbonyl groups of an adjacent chain. Tertiary Structure The tertiary structure of a polypeptide or protein is the three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms within a single polypeptide chain.