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Permethrin should be kept out of lakes, streams, or ponds. Do not contaminate water by cleaning equipment or by disposing of wastes near a body of water. Permethrin may not be applied when weather conditions favor drift from treated areas . Permethrin degrades rapidly in water, although it can persist in sediments (7, 21). Jul 26, 2019 · Insect Repellents: Use and Effectiveness, Environmental Protection Agency, 2010. This EPA fact sheet includes a tool for identifying a skin-applied repellent that is appropriate for repelling ticks and/or mosquitos, instructions on how to apply, and length of effectiveness.

Electronic copies of many completed REDs and RED fact sheets can be downloaded from the Pesticide Special Review and Reregistration Information System at 703-308-7224, and also can be reached on the Internet via fedworld.gov and EPA's public access gopher server (gopher.epa.gov).

desired for pest control. Pyrethroid pesticides are used in agriculture, mosquito control, lawn and garden care, and in veterinary care. Some representative pyrethroids are permethrin, resmethrin, fenvalerate, cyfluthrin, sumethrin and barthrin. How can people be exposed to pyrethroid pesticides? Pyrethroids are used in many household insecticides. Ohio EPA was required to adopt the new requirements, which went into effect on April 1, 2016. The changes affect all public water systems. The sections below include required forms, summaries of key requirements, other helpful documents and answers to frequently asked questions. A fact sheet outlining some key changes for labs is also available. Frequently Asked Questions about Permethrin What is permethrin? Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that is similar to the natural insecticide, pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is found in chrysanthemums. Permethrin can kill a broad range of pests, such as fleas, ticks, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes.