Hall sensor tle 4905 datasheets

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TLE 4905 G; TLE 4935 G TLE 4935-2 G; TLE 4945-2 G Data Sheet 4 2000-07-01 Functional Description Unipolar Type TLE 4905 (Figure 3 and 4) When a positive magnetic field is applied in the indicated direction (Figure 3) and the turn-on magnetic inductionB OP is exceeded, the output of the Hall-effect IC will conduct (Operate Point).

It is used to lock/disable the screen in smart phones whenever a flip cover, equipped with magnets, touches the screen. In hall sensor, there is a mathematical relation: Hall Voltage, [math]V_{H}\ =\ \frac{IB}{nte}.[/math] Flip covers provides the... Browse DigiKey's inventory of TLE4905LSwitches (Solid State). Features, Specifications, Alternative Product, Product Training Modules, and Datasheets are all available.

Description. The circuit diagram shown here is of a Hall Effect switch. Hall Effect sensor IC DN6848 from Panasonic is the heart of the circuit. The DN6848 has a built-in Hall Effect sensor, Schmitt trigger circuit, power supply regulator and temperature compensation circuits integrated to a single chip. AN48841B is a Hall IC (a magnetic sensor) which has 2 times or more sensitivity and a low current consumption of about one fifties compared with our conventional one. In this Hall IC, a Hall element, a offset cancel circuit, an amplifier circuit, a sample and hold circuit, a Schmidt circuit, and output