Chaetodon sanctae helenae

Chaetodon sanctaehelenae (St. Helena Butterflyfish) 69. Chaetodon sedentarius (Atlantic Reef Butterflyfish) 70. Chaetodon selene (Yellow-Dotted Butterflyfish) 71 ...

St.-Helena-Falterfisch (Chaetodon sanctaehelenae) Diagonalstreifen-Falterfisch (Chaetodon pelewensis) Untergattung Gonochaetodon Bleeker, 1876, Indopazifik, sehr hochrückig mit großer, abgerundeter Rücken- und Afterflosse, leben paarweise und sind revierbildend, ernähren sich von den Polypen der Steinkorallengattung Acropora.

Called a cunning fish since it can nibble the bait from a hook without taking the hook into its mouth. The juvenile Thalassoma sanctaehelenae has been observed cleaning the cunningfish of its parasites (Ref. 5288).

Fish Identification: Find Species. Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Chaetodontidae Butterflyfishes Genus: Chaetodon (See list of species below) Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 2013 No.6 AA19 he did not know and took all reasonable steps to establish that the said wildlife product was not taken in the closed season.