Smps data sheet

POWER SUPPLIES(SMPS), ADAPTER AND CHARGER SAFETY TESTING Information technology is a big part of our daily life. Desktop, notebook, LCD monitor, UPS, printer and projector are the products that we use in our everyday lives. To ensure proper safety, all products should have electrical safety test preformed.

SMPS MOSFET IRFP460A HEXFET® Power MOSFET l Switch Mode Power Supply ( SMPS ) l Uninterruptable Power Supply l High speed power switching Benefits Applications l Low Gate Charge Qg results in Simple Drive Requirement l Improved Gate, Avalanche and dynamic dv/dt Ruggedness l Fully Characterized Capacitance and Avalanche Voltage and Current

September 20021/15VIPer12ADIPVIPer12ASLOW POWER OFF LINE SMPS PRIMARY SWITCHER®TYPICAL POWER CAPABILITYn FIXED 60 KHZ SWITCHING FREQUENCYn 9V TO 38V WIDE RANGE VDD VOLTAGEn CURRENT MODE CONTROL datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors. Re: SMPS Fault - Urgent Cry for Help 01/21/2010 2:15 AM Yes Mr subramanian is correct, the BYV95C is a fast recovery diode with 1Amp forward current and with 700PIV. you have to use the same diode only or equivallent (from TV flyback transformer 500DC circuit rectifier diode is suitable).

The PS564.DIN SMPS is a universal input, 12VDC 1A output, and is provided in a DIN rail mountable enclosure with three (3) S5Bus connectors. PS564 SMPS The PS564 SMPS is a compact, universal input 12VDC output power supply. PS563 PS563 40VA NEMA transformer that powers 24V–277VAC circuits in HVAC systems. PS565 Table 2. Thermal data Symbol Parameter D²PAK TO-220 TO-220FP Unit RthJA Thermal resistance junction-ambient 62.5 50 60 °C/W RthJC Thermal resistance junction-case 3 5 5 °C/W LM217, LM317 Maximum ratings DS0433 - Rev 21 page 3/31