Reticulocyte count index formula

Reticulocyte Count Manual.doc Page 1 of 4 Printed 1/14/13 Procedure: Reticulocyte Manual I. PRINCIPLE A reticulocyte is an immature red blood cell, which still contains remnants of nucleic acids (RNA). When these cells are stained with New Methylene Blue, a supravital stain, their RNA precipitates out in the form of blue staining granules.

This figure is called the corrected reticulocyte count or reticulocyte index. Reticulocyte counts can also be done on automated instruments, such as flow cytometers, using fluorescent stains. These instruments are able to detect small changes in the reticulocyte count because they count a larger number of cells (10,000-50,000).

The Absolute Reticulocyte Count & Reticulocyte Index Assesses appropriate response to anemia, frequently in Sickle Cell Disease patients. Reticulocyte count = [number of reticulocytes counted]/; The normal reticulocyte count is 0.5-2.5% and the normal absolute reticulocyte count is 50-100X10 9 /L. Other reticulocyte calculations are the absolute reticulocyte count and the reticulocyte production index (RPI). Reticulocytes are best identified on supravital stains, eg new methylene blue stain. This may not be done routinely unless requested.

The reticulocyte count must be adjusted for the level of anemia to obtain the reticulocyte index, * a more accurate reflection of erythropoiesis. In patients with bleeding or hemolysis, the reticulocyte index should be at least 3%, whereas in patients with anemia due to decreased production of red cells, the reticulocyte index is less than 3% ... ⏺the percentage of reticulocyte may appear increased because early reticulocyte release into the circulation or because of a decrease in the number of mature red cells in circulation ⏺the CRC corrects the observed reticulocyte count a normal Hct of 0.45 L/L to correct for the degree of anemia Oct 13, 2018 · this is a short video to calculate reticulocyte production index and its significance in short . As per hemoglobin levels maturation factor may change eg HB less than 5.5 multiply by 0.4 instead ... Therefore, failure to find an elevated reticulocyte count or index in both hemolysis and hemorrhage would indicate an ineffective erythropoiesis and, thus, a primary bone marrow condition should ... The reticulocyte count is a measure of the immature red blood cells (reticulocytes or "adolescent" red blood cells) recently released from the bone marrow into the circulation and is ordinarily around 1 percent in people who have a normal red blood cell count. Counting reticulocytes 1. Look into the slide area using 10x objective 2. Add a drop of oil 3. Move to 100x 4. Count all red cells (reticulocytes + RBC) using a manual counter 5. Make sure not to count WBC (large nucleated cell) 6. The number of reticulocytes is counted also on outside paper to be able to calculate.