Gelman filter membrane sheet

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The feasibility of harvesting yeast cells using synthetic membranes was studied. Three cross-flow membrane filters were compared in terms of flux and cell yields: a pleated-sheet microfilter, a tubular microfilter and a hollow fiber ultrafiltration module. Flux declined in an exponential manner with time with all three modules.

Microbiological filters from a variety of reputable manufacturers are available through Hach, including Pall, Millipore, Xenomax, and Gelman. Commonly used in detection and enumeration of coliform organisms, 0.45 ┬Ám, 47 mm diameter filters are available in various quantities, along with 25 mm sizes and different pore diameters.

FP Vericel® PVDF Membrane Filters, Pall Laboratory Useful for HPLC sample preparation, mobile phase filtration/degassing, and solvent filtration. HPLC certified for low levels of UV-absorbing extractables. Pall Water, a division of Pall Corporation and a member of the Danaher portfolio of water companies, is the filtration partner of choice for companies who need smart water solutions. With more than two billion gallons of installed capacity spanning six continents, Pall Water is a leader in membrane-based water treatment solutions. Pall 66068 Metricel GN-6 Membrane Filter, Grid Pattern, 0.45 um Pore Size, 47 mm Diameter (Pack of 1000): Science Lab Filters: Industrial & Scientific