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Aug 26, 2018 · PROBLEM CONVERTING FAX BODY OR COVER SHEET RIGHTFAX EBOOK DOWNLOAD August 26, 2018 admin 4 Apr Your RightFax server can send faxes from a variety of devices and will “In Conversion”; A “Problem Converting Fax Body or Coversheet”. via Rightfax, it gives error saying “problem converting fax body or cover.

May 14, 2012 · Open Text provides stock RightFax coversheets that you can use, but many organizations want to customize or brand their coversheet to mimic their company stationery. This video will show you how to create a coversheet in MS Word, although it can be done in PCL or HTML format as well.

Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition 9.4 Feature Pack 1 includes updates for the RightFax 9.4 client applications. These applications include FaxUtil, RightFax Fax Printer and Tray Icon (also known as FaxCtrl or print-to-fax), and Enterprise Fax Manager. OpenText RightFax FaxUtil | 5 Add a Cover Sheet Cover sheets are optional for every fax sent from RightFax. The cover sheet can contain additional notes intended for the recipient. 1. In the Fax Information dialog box, go to the Main tab. Under the Options section in the Main tab, select the Use cover sheet option. 2.

Rightfax does provide a generic cover sheet option but it can only contain the fax numbers and recipient name. It suggests to use SAP Cover sheet. Have few questions, and here they goes: Sending a Fax from RightFax Option 1. 1. Open up the RightFax software console by double clicking on the icon on the desktop or in your start menu. 2. To send a fax click on the new document icon under File in the top left hand corner of RightFax console. 3. You are presented with the Fax Information box where you will start the process of ... Enter the recipient’s information in the To: line using the following format only: /fax=#####/[email protected] If you need to send a fax to a destination with multiple words, please use periods instead of spaces. These periods will be translated into spaces on the final cover sheet and confirmation pages. To send a basic fax message through RightFax using Boomerang Notification Framework is an easy task and can be accomplished with three simple SQL statements. Create Event (EVENT_MASTER) Create Job ; Release Event (EVENT_MASTER) The below SQL statement will send a fax cover sheet including receiver name, cover subject and notes.