Factors affecting photosynthesis activity sheets

students and teachers will discuss their findings in relation to macro-level factors that affect ecosystem health and climate change. Objectives: Students will gain a better understanding of the biochemical process of photosynthesis as well as the ecological factors that affect and are affected by photosynthesis processes.

Dec 02, 2015 ยท Low light intensity lowers the rate of photosynthesis. As the intensity is increased the rate also increases. However, after reaching an intensity of 10,000 lux (lux is the unit for measuring ...

Learn factors affecting photosynthesis with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of factors affecting photosynthesis flashcards on Quizlet. temperature and rate of photosynthesis. 11. How does this graph explain the amount of biodiversity in deserts and the top of mountains? 12. What is the optimal (best) temperature for photosynthesis? 13. The water from the atmosphere is NOT used as a reactant for photosynthesis. However, humidity greatly affects the rate of photosynthesis. PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND TEMPERATURE Introduction: Many things affect the rate (speed) at which photosynthesis occurs: the amount of light (light intensity), the temperature, and the amount of carbon dioxide are a few factors. Scientists know that temperature affects the speed of chemical reactions. Photosynthesis is a series of chemical reactions.

Activity B6 (page 12-teachers notes)is a straightforward worksheet on photosynthesis, this could easily be used as a self-study/homework activity. Activity B10/B11 (teachers notes page 19) is the classic factors affecting photosynthesis experiment, these sheets could be used before students complete this practical and/or as revision activity . Biology Photosynthesis. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Biology Photosynthesis. Some of the worksheets displayed are Photosynthesis diagrams work, , Photosynthesis, Photosynthesis quiz, , Name date period photosynthesis making energy, Work photosynthesis cell energy, Introduction to biology lab class activity work. Factors Affecting the Rate of Photosynthesis By introducing various modern conveniences in our society we are slowly changing our global ecosystem. We as heterotrophs are also very dependent upon plants to undergo photosynthesis as the products of this reaction sustain our everyday metabolic activities. Therefore, it would be wise to investigate Use this site to answer questions about photosynthesis. 13. In the blank portion of this paper, draw the picture which shows the overall process of photosynthesis. 14. Write the chemical equation for photosynthesis. 15. Photosynthesis converts _____ energy into the _____ energy of sugars and other organic compounds. Factors affecting photosynthesis. There are several ways of measuring the rate of photosynthesis in the lab. These include: the rate of oxygen. output factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis of chlorella at low concentrations of carbon dioxide and in high illumination g. e. briggs.