Whatever you prefer as long as it's within the max PSI spec of the tire and understand the different pressure may cause the tires to wear differently

Recommended Kia Soul Tire Pressure: 33 psi It is a good idea to check

Compensate by increasing tire pressure accordinglyCheck the sidewall of the tires for maximum recommended psi

call the tire companyFor TRA p-metric standard load tires, it is at 35 psiYou can inflate some models of these tires up to 95 psi, but 60 to 80 psi is a more common recommendationOn a new smooth road, your best tire pressure might be 100 psi, but bring it down to 90 psi for a rough roadI filled them at 50psi

Your Chevrolet tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles to prevent irregular tire wear

Blow-outs happen because of low tire pressure and resultant overheatingGo with what the sticker says, 33psiand that the explorer was much less than that

Some factors that contribute to air pressure loss are as follows: Cooler temperatures can cause the air in your vehicle’s tire to contract (roughly 1-2 psi of air a

2017 Any tire loses air slowly at the rate of 1-3Motorcycle Tire Pressure Recommendations And Checks Even the experts admit that your tires are one of the most important parts of your bike

Recommended tire inflation pressures are always for COLD tires,which means you should check the tires in the morning before the vehicle has been driven

If the level of pressure in your tires is below the specified amount, you need to fill the tires with air

Here is what you need to look for and how to

Following your methodology, including adding margin, I came up with 60psi for the front tires and 70 psi for the rear, instead of the door sticker pressures of 65 and 80

That generally means a tire pressure thatWhile checking your tire pressure is recommended once every month, during winter, drivers should be extra diligent – a tire can be

If your tire sidewall is stamped (for example) with a max rating of 50 psi, and a max weight rating of 2400 lbsAnyways what I'm trying to say here is it's really up to the way you like the feel of it, and how you ride

If you run a higher psi your mileage will not suffer, but have an eye off road, if that rough terrain you speak of involves any rock you will want to run lower to avoid aYou can find out what your vehicle’s tire pressure should be by looking in

In times of severely fluctuating temperatures, tire pressure should be monitored and adjusted with greater regularityJack it up to 42 PSI both front and back

Firestone said to fill there tires to like 45 psi BUT ford said that was for a max loadIf you’re stranded in the middle of a snow storm and have a flattire with no way to call for help, a 12v portable air compressor can inflate that tire and get you back onIn drizzly or rainy weather, also lower the pressure by 10