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All of the following are NECESSARY items to keep your turtle alive. Tank: Make sure that your tank has plenty of room for your turtle. Most people suggest 10 gallons of tank per turtle under 4 inches. This means that a 20 gallon tank could house 2 small turtles. As your turtles grow your tank will need to grow with them.

Turtles of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has 11 turtle species. Ten are aquatic or semi-aquatic and one is strictly terrestrial (land dwelling). Most turtles breed in the spring after they emerge from hibernation or during August. Where to Get a Garter Snake. While garter snakes are abundant in the wild, especially around bodies of water, such as lakes and streams, in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Central America, these wild animals should not be kept as pets, as they are illegal to take from their natural habitats in most locales. This site is dedicated to providing exchange of ideas and information to create a better understanding of the care and breeding of the Russian Tortoise. (Testudo horsfieldii, horsfield, Agrionemys, Steppe) Dec 12, 2012 · How to trim a tortoise's beak - with pictures! ... My box turtle Glitter, has been in the family for 29years. ... Here is a good care sheet for Russian tortoises ...

Findlay, Ohio » Turtles $250: Snapping Turtle I took this turtle in after one of my friends who was moving to Japan acquired it some how Barberton, Ohio » Turtles ... We do not condone the sale of reptiles in pet stores. For all your reptile supply needs, please consider clicking on the Petco logo above. Creepy Critters Rescue will receive a percentage of every purchase made through this link. Giant Guinea Pigs, or Cuy Criollo (Cavia Porcellus)Kristin Claricoates, DVM Image Courtesy of Wee Companions In Southern California, people began reporting findings of extra-large guinea pigs starting in 2010. Typically, shelters don’t contact rescues for help, but a large number of these large guinea pigs were so difficult