no higher octane will not hurt yor car nor will it really help anything if its all stockyeah I mean the ECU should be able to compensate but I would say that the risk of engine damage is still higher with 87 octane than it is with 91 or 93I had them install the Ford racing pack on

7 Hemi, (and 130k miles on it,) which is the same engine as a 1500 as far as I know

Running an octane rating higher than what the engine needs will not hurt the engine

87 is just fine with stock mufflers and cannistersGM is recommending 92 OctaneTypically, the range will run from 87 octane on up to 93 octane

What is this high-test fuel anyway? Is it required for your car? Merely

but regular gas doesn't hurt my engineMy bus engine will 9 times out of 10 fire on the first cylinder that ticks over on ethanol free high test, but will take 15 or more seconds of cranking at WOT to hotIn my area, most gas stations are carrying 87, 89 and 93 octane fuels with the exception being Sunoco which does carry 91

This means that putting 91 or 93 octane will result in increased performance and a smoother engine, but if you want to save some bucks you can always go for regular as

our car recommend 87 or higher

As for octane, what they said; running octane higher than your engine needs doesn't help, and can actually hurt power

87 is just fine if its stock

The octane rating tells how much the gas can be compressed before it

Since I work at the #5 biggest refinery in the USA, I can tell you that in the QC lab test

higher octane will only hurt performance it will slow the detonation pointGas station sells ethanol free 91 octane for 15% more money compared to E10 87 octane

i doesn't run without knocking and valve tapping unless it gets 106 or up octane leadedIt's not like i'm neglecting the car by putting in motorcraft oil

I did try a couple of tanks of 93 octane and I really didn't notice all that much difference from 89 octane

I always get 93 octane fuel but sometimes my fuel show 350 maybe 430I have a 2017 Chevy impala LTZ2

In some areas, premium is 90 octaneHigher octane gas contains more and better additives(93 ROM) and the bike runs OI ran 92 (91-93) for a while, and no difference