5v 8 channel relay module datasheet

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Songle - Relay Module 5v 8 Channel Modul ini menggunakan relay pine le dengan kualitas yang bagus, tegangan maksimal pada relay ini mancapai 250V/10A AC dan 24V/10A DC. Tegangan yang digunakan untuk mengatur kondisi relay sebesar 5V atau 3.3V. 5v 8 Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler $ 17.95 The 5v 8 Channel Relay Module with Octocoupler can control various appliances and other equipment with large voltage/current.

Relay Module Inputs. The module is supplied with power via the pin labeled VCC and ground via the pin labeled GND. The relays are energized with low inputs to the IN1, IN2, IN3 and IN4 inputs. Relay Module Outputs. There are four relays that each provide dry contact outputs. Working voltage: 5V Channel: 8 channel This relay module is 5V active low. It is an 8-channel relay interface board, which can be controlled directly by a wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, PLC, etc. It is also able to control various appliances and other equipments with large current. Relay output maximum contact is AC250V 10A and DC30V 10A. Standard interface can be directly connected with microcontrollers.

Mar 25, 2017 · Arduino KY-019 Relay Module is used to control AC circuits, the relay acts as a switch that responds to a signal received from the Arduino, it has an integrated LED that indicates if the signal is high or low. Relay Board 8 Channel Module 5V 12V Optocoupler Isolation,Price: RM17.30,End time 5/2/2022 12:00 AM MYT Buy Relay Board 8 Channel Module 5V 12V Optocoupler Isolation .Lots of discount and promotional sales. Mar 16, 2016 · วิธีควบคุมการทำงานของ Relay ผ่าน NodeMCU ESP8266 ศึกษา Source Code เพิ่มเติมได้ ... These handy relay modules provide the easiest way to use your DuinoTECH to switch real world devices. Available in one, four and eight channel versions, these modules can switch up to 10A per channel. Includes back-EMF protection and LEDs so you can easily see the state of the outputs. Jan 15, 2019 · 5V 2-channel relay module; 5V 1-channel relay module; 5V 8-channel relay module; 3.3V 1-channel relay module; Relay Pinout. The following figure shows the relay module pinout. The six pins on the left side of the relay module connect high voltage, and the pins on the right side connect the component that requires low voltage—the Arduino pins ... Buy 8 Channel Relay Module online and shipping across india 8 Channel Relay Board (5V) Use this 8 Channel Relay Module board to interface any Microcontroller with Electrical Appliances/Loads. Can also be used in driving high power motors.8-channel relay output modules, relay output contacts 250A 10A.